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Here’s a list of sciencey things I’ve written about outside of Boreal Bites. Although I now intern at KTOO, I started off as a new-to-journalism reporter trying to write about science at the University for Alaska Fairbanks whenever I could. At the top I’ve separated topics that interested me through the years, and under those there are other diverse subjects.


Oct. 2011: Havoc in the Herd: An investigation into how the deaths of a dozen muskoxen revealed a broken animal care system
May 2011: Havoc in the Herd: Administration responds to muskoxen deaths
Nov. 2010: Muskox Mystery: Seven Muskoxen Dead

For animal care background on the topic: A safety net for animals


Cold Ocean Chemistry: Ocean Acidification turns Alaska’s seas into science lab (1 of 3)
Cold Ocean Chemistry: UAF tackles mystery of Alaska’s oceans (2 of 3)
Cold Ocean Chemistry: Scientists unravel state of ocean ecosystem (3 of 3)
The sea butterfly effect: distorted oceans could shatter ecosystems
Arctic seafloor methane could hasten global warming


One tree, lots of ideas
Eye of the storm: Scientists look for source of Alaska potato blight
Memorial tree planting honors two forestry professionals


Sounds and Science of the Undead: The thrill of apocalyptic education

2011 – Various

Life on the Edge: Travel writer pushes limits in exploration and storytelling
It takes a village: Students design live-in experiment
Tundra fires unlock implications of a fire-driven Arctic
Toddler’s skeleton changes knowledge of the past
Anthropologist talks ‘Rotten Renaissance’

2010 – Various

Anthropologist blends linguistic studies with wearable art
Bugs in the basement
It’s official: Yucatan asteroid killed the dinosaurs
Archaeologists discover ancient Kuskokwim home
UAF team readies ROV to ‘take a dive’ in Hawaii
Sustainability activists hold panel for Earth Day
New museum exhibit highlights climate change
Research Fair Provides Undergrads With Grant Opportunities
UAF Researchers Tailor Medication to Alaska Natives
UAF to Launch Satellite Into Final Frontier
From rabbits to humans: the evolution of the UAF psychology department


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