Alaska Science

SNRAS Science and News – Discusses the goings-on of the UAF School of Natural Resources and Agricultural Sciences — diverse range of topics from geography to agriculture to horticulture.
Alaska Science Forum – UAF weekly column by the Geophysical Institute, Ned Rozell’s insights into Alaska science.
UAF Weekly Science Calendar – Try to check this weekly for topics that might interest you, most events are open to the public.
AkEthnoGirl – Insights into cultural artifacts by the ethnology collections manager of the UA Museum of the North.

General Science

Krulwich Wonders – NPR Science Correspondant explains the clockwork behind everyday simplicities.
Speakeasy Science – Blog with supplementary info from Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Deborah Blum’s research, such as poison and chemistry.
Botany Photo of the Day – UBC Botanical Garden shares photos and information about plants from around the world.
Cornell Mushroom Blog – A blog about mycological findings promoting mushroom awareness.
The Artful Amoeba – Making science sexy, turning the amorphous amorous, one protist at a time.
Radiolab Blog – Insights into the quirks of science and culture, and a nice way to keep track of when a new episode of the podcast Radiolab is out.
The Last Word on Nothing – Several science writers thoughtfully write about the curiosities in the world.
Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! – What evolution can tell us about the world around us, with a fabulous rundown each Friday of interesting new findings.
Beetles in the Bush – Beautiful photos that look insects in the (compound) eye, and insight into the life and interests of an entomologist.

General Alaska

I am an aspiring … something – Alaskan university student moves to Florence, Italy, then to Amman, Jordan. Ukelele antics ensue.

General Interest

The Sun Star – My home newsroom, the student voice of the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Planet Money – A collaboration of NPR and This American Life, this blog explains something difficult and messy — economics — in a way that’s easy to understand and connect to (something all science journalists should strive for, as well).
On the Media – A man-behind-the-curtain rundown of all the big news stories of the week, and how various media handle the coverage.


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