Closing in on a month in Southeast Alaska

I held my microphone up to Republicans and Democrats minutes after Romney’s concession speech. Four years ago, I finished up my first workday in a university laboratory. How much our lives change in four years, even though it seems the gap between elections is so slim. Case in point: last night marked just three weeks at my internship with KTOO.

I left Election Central at the Baranoff Hotel to spend my first presidential election in a newsroom. There was pizza, yes, but also new faces – the newsroom was packed with livebloggers and reporters. I worked from the intern desk in the digital services room, close to my editor-in-chief turned new-media-producer and roommate, Heather Bryant.

It has been a busy three weeks in Juneau. I’ve stepped out of my science comfort zone to work with education, breaking news, election coverage, and the military. Even between these categories, there is so much overlap, and science finds its way into so much of my work.

The stories I’ve worked on here vary from a couple soundbites for a reporter to packages I produced, from the Coast Guard to 4-H, from salmon runs to student surveys.

I’m still shoving my hands into this big batch of free time and trying to knead it into a schedule that can tell me where my internship gives way to my other projects, where work can become play. Here’s what I’ve been working on in the mean time:

Salmon fill Auke Creek with shorter, earlier runs
Horse Sense: New 4-H group connects kids and horses
New research examines why Alaska students drop out of school
Coast Guard’s only active icebreaker stops in Juneau

This weekend I’ll talk a little more about the very different ecosystem here in Juneau – until then, I’m going to enjoy jumping in puddles in mid-November.


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