Saturday Wrap-Up: Birch, bears and Denali basecamp

Happy weekend! Today marks the beginning of a new weekly series here at Boreal Bites, the Saturday Wrap-Up. I’ve curated links from Twitter, Facebook, podcasts, news — looking everywhere I can for anything I can find — and fetched for you the most intriguing stories of the bunch.

Whether you’re able to enjoy an iced tea this summer Saturday, or are warming yourself with a mug of coffee in your unheated dry cabin, I hope you’ll look through the gems of the week.

I have the outdoors on my mind today — Alaskans transform summer into a series of short trips, several-day excursions, or all-out expeditions, and here are examples of each of those.

SNRAS launches new research/outreach project centered on boreal forest – OneTree has deconstructed and elevated birch tree art, science, and culture for three years, now. For the last year and a half, I’ve on-and-off helped OneTree set up workshops, classroom activities and art installations for kids, artists and the general public. OneTree’s expansion from these funds will bring more of those opportunities — I’m interested in hearing how Week in The Woods goes at the end of this month.

Chasing rocks and bears – Phoebe Cohen’s pilot couldn’t land the helicopter until they scared off the grizzly bear meandering where they were about to study rocks. She tells Story Collider listeners about what happened after they landed near the Alaska-Yukon border, including contemplating the possibility of rolling a dead bear into Canada.

And last, 2012’s successful Denali summits are rolling into Twitter. I’ve assembled a Storify following the last two weeks of climbs to appreciate the beauty of long-forgotten snow from afar.

Conquering Denali

  1. Okiecoastie13
    #MtMcKinley was beautiful today! #Denali #mountains #nature #wilderness

    Sun, Jun 03 2012 03:20:49
  2. Andram86
    At 14,200ft camp. Tomorrow moving to high camp at 17,200ft. Everything is going great! We hope to make a summit attempt on Tuesday.

    Sun, May 20 2012 04:46:54
  3. TedLandKTUU
    Panorama of #Denali base camp, where climbers gather to summit Mt. McKinley.

    Thu, Jun 07 2012 15:20:14
  4. Ch2KTUU
    RT @TedLandKTUU: The view from #Denali base camp as climbers prepare to summit Mt. McKinley. #Alaska @360panorama

    Wed, Jun 06 2012 14:16:20
  5. Andram86
    Alaska and sweet #Denali, I already miss you. But what is next ? #ambition

    Tue, Jun 05 2012 05:52:00

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